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Spring Break Options

Matthew Rich, Author

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With a two-week long spring break coming up, many people may be finding themselves bored at home and wondering what to do. Throughout the Bay Area, there are many inexpensive or free and fun events that are a quick drive or a bike ride away.

Do you love nature? If so, bring a camera and an observant eye to Redwood State Park on April 14 at 8am. This spot has dozens of towering redwood trees with many trails waiting to be explored. To sign up for this wonderful experience, you don’t need to pay, just RSVP and get a ride.


Are you a Giants fan, or just want to have a baseball experience with your friends? While you may think tickets are too expensive, if you buy them from Gametime, you can get a major discount. If you buy the tickets a couple minutes after the start of the game, or even right before it, you will get even more of a discount for decent seats.

Not interested in nature or baseball? If music is more of your thing, you can get many inexpensive tickets for your favorite artists, or check out new ones at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.

If you want an outdoor experience but don’t feel like potentially getting eaten alive, Golden Gate Park is just for you. It is a free park full of photo opportunities, relaxing spots, and activities around Stow Lake. The park has many museums and gardens throughout the park, and while you do have to pay to access them, the price is totally worth it. While it is a 30-40 minute drive, it is an amazing park to hang with your friends and take a walk.

If you are more of a food junkie, there is just the place for you. An amazing breakfast of donuts, eggs, and more are just 10 minutes away at Apple Fritter, a cheap spot to get a quality meal.

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Spring Break Options