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On February 25th, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics ended. During these Olympics, a few American Olympians made history. Some becoming the youngest gold medal winners ever. Others making history for the US, becoming the first to earn a gold medal in a sport for our country. Some even made Olympic history.

Mirai Nagasu is a 24-year-old figure skater, born in Montebello, California, and raised in Arcadia, California. In the figure skating team event, she landed the difficult triple axel jump in her free skate. A triple axel is a three and a half rotation jump where the skater has to take off forward and land on one foot. Nagasu was the first American woman and the third woman in Winter Olympic history to land a triple axel at the Olympics.

Mirai Nagasu

The Canadian women’s hockey team and the US women’s hockey team were so evenly matched that the gold medal game went into overtime and then a shootout. The US team scored in the first period and third period to earn a total of two goals, but the Canadians also scored two goals, in the second period, ending the game in a tie. The game went into a twenty minute overtime in which none of the teams scored. This resulted in a shootout. Each time one of the teams tried to score, the opposing team’s goalkeeper would block the shot or the teams would tie. That is until Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson, the winning penalty shooter scored, calling the move “Oops. I did it again.” She did this by swerving the puck left and right multiple times, confusing the goalie, and then, finally, scoring the winning shot from the right. The celebration began after Shannon Szabados, the winning goalkeeper, blocked a shot that almost went in the goal.

The US women’s hockey team

Jessica Diggins, age of 26, and Kikkan Randall, age of 35, represented the US in the Ladies’ Team Sprint Free in cross-country skiing. They won gold, becoming the first American woman to win a medal in cross-country since 1976. The US barely beat Sweden, who got silver, by 0.19 of a second.

Kikkan Randall (left) and Jessie Diggins (right)

Red Gerard of Snowboard Men’s Slopestyle, at the age of seventeen, became the youngest snowboarder to win a gold medal in any snowboarding event. He also won the first gold medal of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang for the US. He won gold by landing a perfect backside triple cork 1440 on his final run. A backside triple cork 1440 is a difficult move, taken off backwards and completing three vertical flips, all while rotating four times in the air.

Red Gerard

Chloe Kim won gold in the Snowboard Ladies’ Halfpipe, as the youngest female snowboarder to win an Olympic gold medal. Kim earned a near perfect third run with a 98.25 points out of the possible 100 points. She was in the lead by almost 10 points. She received the high marks by performing a back-to-back 1080s, which is one of the toughest tricks to land. A 1080 consists of completing 3 full rotations, and since Kim did a back-to-back 1080, she did two 1080s, one after the other.

Chloe Kim

Shaun White won gold in the Snowboard Men’s Halfpipe on February 14. White became the first snowboarder in history to claim three gold medals, for he earned gold in Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010. He also gave the US its 100th gold medal in the Winter Games. This was also a redemption run from his disappointment in Sochi 2014. He fell twice on his first run in Sochi and played it safe on his second, ending up in forth place.

Shaun White

These are only some of the most recognized Olympians who have made history. The 2018 Winter Olympics showcased incredible skills some of us can only imagine, going down in history. Many future Winter Olympians are hoping to make more history for the US in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China.


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