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Q : Dear Sailors, I know a guy that likes me but I like someone else. But the guy that likes me is really sweet, I’m confused!  -Confused

A : Dear Confused,

Before we get into anything, just remember this is a part of being a middle schooler. When turning someone down, especially someone you think is nice, you should be polite. However, don’t tell him you don’t like him via text or call, tell him in person, it’s a better way of getting the message across and shows you care. If he is really sweet, then you want to continue a friendship with him, however, if they take this rejection in a way which causes him to not talk to you anymore, approach him about it. If it doesn’t change, then he’s not worth it, maybe he isn’t as understanding or sweet as you think. Here are some ways you can turn him down politely. Use a compliment sandwich, say something nice about him, then tell him you only want him as a friend, then another nice thing. It will make him feel good, even if you are turning him down. Don’t lie to him at all, that will cause more lies, and more lies, which will lead to an unhealthy friendship with him. Try to avoid talking about your crush, it may cause him to change himself in order to get you to like him. Be careful when approaching this! You got this!

-The Sailors


Q: Dear Sailors, what new video games are coming out and are they worth my money?

A: Dear Videogamer,

The Sail has just published a new article just about videogames and their pricings… you should check it out for the answers you need.


Q: Dear Sailors,what good stores are appropriate for school but still have nice clothing?

A: Dear Shopper,

There are several trending stores, many of which you can buy at the Hillsdale Mall. For example, Nordstrom, Forever 21, Abercrombie, Hollister, Macy’s, and Uniqlo. It really depends on your style but these are a few stores that are trending, I hope this helps.


Q: Dear Sailors, what sports are trending right now?

A: Dear Sport Person,

Some sports that are trending now are, lacrosse, track and field, volleyball, and lacrosse. Many of these sports are spring sports at Bowditch. For example, track and field and soccer. The tryouts for soccer have already happened, but you can still join track and field. Hope this helps!

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