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Video Game Related Death

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Video Game Related Deaths

Most of you probably know the addictive qualities of video games, but to ignore food and water to stay on a streak is a whole other level. That combined with consuming stimulants, like excess caffeine, can be too much for the body to handle. Video game addiction got the best of these people and led to their early demise.

The First Ever Video Game Related Death: Cause of Death: Heart Attack

19 years old Jeff Daily, had achieved a personal high score of 16,660 in the classic game Berzerk in 1982. Moments after entering his initials into the arcade for the high score, his heart stopped. This was the earliest known death to have occurred while playing video games. His score remained, until substantially broken on July 4th, of 2012 by Christian Kielback with a score of 868,590. At Least he was able to enter his score, right?

Kaohsiung Internet Cafe: Cause of Death: Cardiac Failure

32-year-old, Hsieh, spent many days playing video games in an internet cafe in Taiwan. After a staggering 3 days, his heart gave out, and he died on the spot. The employees didn’t know he was dead until many hours later, for they assumed that he was sleeping.

40 hours of Diablo: Cause of Death: Blood Clot

At age 18, Chang sadly passed away after a 40-hour long session playing the addicting RPG game, Diablo III. It was reported that he hadn’t eaten, slept, or drank water in two days and was found slumped over a table. After being awakening, he took a few steps and collapsed on the floor. Chang was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead of cardiovascular causes. Chang suffered a blood clot because of the extensive period of time he was sitting down.

Hold your Wee for a Wii: Cause of Death: Water Intoxication

In 2007, Jennifer Strange contributed in the competition “Hold your Wee for a Wii,” on the radio station 107.9. She was hoping to win a new Nintendo Wii and claimed she was “doing it for her kids”. The rules were to drink 225 mL of water every 15 minutes. The radio station announced the health risks involved, and many contestants dropped out during the contest. Strange however held on. She announced a pain in her head to a station supervisor while on her way home. She was crying and that was the last time anyone Unfortunately, she died of water intoxication after holding in her “wee” for too long of a period of time. What would you do? Voice your opinions down below.

Wii Fit does the Opposite: Cause of Death: Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome

25-year old Time Eve had a history of quite healthy habits including eating and exercising. Eve was a scout leader and enjoyed fishing and playing the drums. One day, he had purchased a Wii fit hoping to achieve better health and fitness. In the middle of one of his first rounds of jogging, he suddenly collapsed. Eves was found face down on the board, with no pulse, when paramedics arrived. They had attempted to resuscitate him but he was pronounced dead in the hospital. His cause of death was not found until many days later to be by a disease that is rare and usually travels through genes. Generally, the adult dies in the middle of their sleep but in this case, he died standing up.  



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Video Game Related Death