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Strange Lawsuits

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                           Crazy Lawsuits


From a lady spilling coffee on herself and suing McDonald’s, to burglars suing the homeowners after injuring themselves during a robbery, there are many crazy lawsuits that most of us laugh off these tales as an “urban legend” created to show the absurdity of silly lawsuits. However, most are surprised by the reality of these lawsuits.

In February of 1992, Stella Liebeck ordered a cup of coffee from the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Parked, so she could add sugar, Liebeck spilled her cup of coffee while removing the cup’s lid, burning her legs. She retained third degree burns on over 6% of her body. Liebeck sued $200,000 for damages, but McDonald’s refused to settle out of court. It  was argued that McDonald’s standard for serving coffee, 180 to 190 degrees, was too hot, so she was awarded $200,000 in compensatory damages. However, it was reduced to $160,000 because she was found to be 20% at fault. She was also awarded $2.7 million for medical costs. Because of this, McDonald’s has replaced the old cups with new cups sporting a warning sign on hot coffee.

In September 1988, two Ohio carpet layers named Gordon Falker and Gregory Roach were severely burned when a container of carpet adhesive ignited on fire. The men said the “flammable” and “keep away from heat” warning labels were insufficient. They sued the adhesive manufacturer, Para-Chem, and were awarded $8,000,000.  


In 1991, Richard Harris filed a lawsuit against the beer company, Anheuser-Busch, for false advertising. He claimed to suffer from emotional distress and mental and physical injury. He drank the Budweiser beer, but had no luck with attracting ladies, like was promised in their T.V. commercial. His case was thrown out of court.

In 1992, twenty-three year old Karen Norman accidentally backed her Honda into Galveston Bay after a night of drinking. She was unable to operate her seatbelt to get free, and drowned; though, her passenger made it out alive. Karen’s parents sued the car manufacturer, Honda, for making a seatbelt that their drunken daughter could not operate underwater. That night, Karen’s alcohol level was .17, which is nearly double the legal limit. A jury found Honda 75% at fault and awarded the Norman family $65,000,000.


In 1992, the popular brand Kellogg’s, sued the company Exxon because the Tiger logo could be confused with “Tony the Tiger,” claiming that the Exxon Tiger walked and talked exactly like Kellogg’s famous tiger. Though, it was thrown out because Exxon had the already claimed the logo for 30 years.


In the year of 1997, Larry Harris broke into a bar, in Illinois, owned by Jessie Ingram. Ingram had several break-ins at his bar, in the past, so he set up window traps. Harris, who at the time was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, failed to read warnings. As he entered the bar, he electrocuted himself. Harris’ family’s failed to see his criminal actions and filed a lawsuit against Ingram. The family was awarded $150,000 until it was reduced to half that, when the court decided that Harris was at 50% fault.


In 2003, Kraft foods was sued by Stephen Joseph for putting trans-fat in Oreos and selling them to kids. He argued trans-fats are unhealthy and dangerous for kids. Once the media exposed Joseph’s lawsuit, the attention was too much for him and he dropped the lawsuit. Since then, the issue of trans-fats being unwholesome has been a major issue among processed food manufacturers, causing them to cut down on them in their products, or remove them all together.

In another McDonald’s case, Webster Lucas from Pacoima, California sued McDonald’s for $1,401,500. Why? After he ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe, he only received one napkin and suffered “emotional distress.” When he asked the manager for more napkins, he refused and apparently said the African American manager made a racist comment, mumbling something about “you people.” As you can guess, the case was almost instantly thrown out of court.

These lawsuits are truly weird and crazy, and some of them have actually been rewarded their money! What do you think about these lawsuits? Voice your opinions in the comment section down below.



3 Responses to “Strange Lawsuits”

  1. Konstantinos Paparrizos on February 15th, 2018 9:19 am

    Very interesting! Good job!


  2. Daniel Saito on February 16th, 2018 10:32 am

    Well very nice topic and example? I don’t know how to put it but the coffee lady at the beginning was pretty much 50% at fault. Sure the McDonald’s coffee was unbelievably hot, but drinking the coffee while driving may as well be the same as texting while driving. That is all I have to say.
    My name is McCree Donovan Burmingham, signing off. Peace…


  3. Debbie Tseng on February 19th, 2018 9:58 pm

    Interesting topic and excellent job!!!


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Strange Lawsuits