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By Cameron Zaller and Julian DaValle is one of the top shopping websites for many things, pretty much anything, but the most common items are books, videos, music, and toys.

Purchasing, delivery and accounts: offers a general supply of items people can buy. Buying something is simple, click or touch an item and go down and click/touch “Move to cart.” To get to the cart, tap the little cart icon in the upper right corner. There is a number in the cart, which indicates how many items are in the cart. There is also a “Save for later” button that can be clicked, and it will be in the cart for later.  If there are no items in the cart, but items saved for later, there will be no “Proceed to checkout” button. After item(s) have been put into cart there will be a “Proceed to checkout” button. Click the “Proceed to checkout” button and there will be a sign in page. Either sign in or create an account. To create an account, an email, password, and name are required. After an account is created, and the user is signed in, a purchase can be made. The checkout will require a credit card number and or a gift card code, an address and delivery option(s). After a credit card is entered, it is auto selected. The credit card used for purchasing can be changed to another one later on. Gift cards and credit card payment can be mixed. A delivery option will be shown. Choose one. The faster the shipping, the higher in price. An address will be shown in the top left. There is an editing button if it’s wrong. On the right side there is a total price shown. After everything is done, click the “Place Your Order” button. Now the wait begins…

Gag gifts: One of the many things offers are gag gifts. These can include funny coffee mugs, potty humor, ice cream locks, and surprise boxes. Gag gifts can make great presents or pranks!

Amazon Locker: Amazon Locker is a unique feature available on It started in 2011 and “As of December 2017, Lockers were available in over 2,000 locations in 50+ cities.” ( To put it simply, Amazon delivers to a locker of the person’s choice and they pick up their item by putting in a code that is emailed or texted. People have three days to pick up their package. Amazon Locker is a convenient way to pick up an order.


Amazon Prime Air: Amazon Prime Air is a way for Amazon to ship items to the doorstep via drone. The first delivery was made on December 17, 2016. Prime Air Takes ~30 minutes to deliver. Amazon Prime Air only delivers packages “…up to five pounds.” (


Amazon giveaway: Amazon giveaway is a way to “Run promotional giveaways to create buzz and reward your audience while growing your followers and customers.” (


Amazon Fire Stick: Amazon Fire Stick is a an HDMI plug in to a T.V. Simply put, it’s a cable box the size of a USB hard drive and a sort of Apple T.V.


Amazon Echo Show: Amazon Echo Show is very similar to the Amazon Echo, except it has a screen to show things. The Eco Spot is a miniature version of the Echo Show.


Puzzles: Honestly, I just wanted to put a link to a funny review. But read after the article, please.


Books: amazon offers a wide variety of books; they can be hard copies or ebooks. They have tons of books; maybe even ones you’ve never heard of!


Video: There is a very wide variety of shows and movies on amazon video; there are even some that haven’t been heard of… Andromeda?? Grimm???


Music: The music selection has a lot of songs that are pretty recent. Some of the slightly old ones are on the amazon alexa, too! It’s possible to play pretty much any song on amazon.


Food: Amazon food is pretty limited. There are very few cities they offer this city to: this includes Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Los Vegas. You can’t order food in the bay area, apparently.


Amazon prime: This is a yearly/monthly paid subscription that offers two/one day delivery, and all the privileges of amazon video and music. Yearly pay is ~$79.


Amazon echo: I mean, it’s $100, but hey, it can play music, act as a speaker, answer calls, control lights, and even has some games. The reviews  aren’t even half bad!


Fun facts: Amazon is the second-largest private employer in the United States (541,900 employees). If you type into a search bar, see what happens. (Jeff Bezos’ wanted to call Amazon, Relentless.) Amazon used to only sell books. There used to be a programming error where if a negative amount of items selected, money would be put into the buyers credit card. Amazon one sold a book about flies for $23,698,655.93 once. Some facts might not be true, since it was posted in 2014.


Well, that’s all for now! Cameron and Julian awaaaaaaaayy!!

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