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Best Fast Food, Burger Joints

Ryan Fernandez and Gino Gianoli

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Best Fast Food, Burger Joints




Five Guys



IN-N-Out is known for their double double burger, made up of baked buns, American cheese,100% american beef, freshly sliced onions, fresh lettuce, original sauce (which can also be put on the fries upon request for an extra fee. Also known as animal fries), and fresh cut tomatoes. This meal has the option to include fries and drink options of sodas, juice, milk, ice tea, hot chocolate or thick milkshakes. Established in Southern California in 1948, their chain has become the most popular burger place in California, since expanding to Northern California. In-N-Out is also the healthiest of fast food burger joints, with none of the items on their menu topping 800 calories.

Yelp: 4 stars


This establishment has been around since 1955, in Illinois, and is best known for their beloved Big Mac, a double pattied burger with cheese and lettuce and piled with McDonalds Big Mac sauce. Their menu also includes a breakfast menu and choices of Frappes, Lattes and other drinks. They also offer McChicken, Cheeseburger, The bacon McDouble and the newly added TRIPLE Cheeseburger. Comparatively, McDonald’s has the most options and is the most well-known fast food burger joint in the world, with only seven countries in the world NOT having access to a McDonald’s. Yelp: 2 stars


Five Guys started in Virginia in 1986, as a burger joint. However, they are not only known for their burgers, but their variety of flavored milkshakes. The menu also includes hot dogs, sandwiches, cajun and five guys fries, and offers unlimited toppings for your burger. If you are looking for a place with more than burgers, but offers other Classic American food, Five Guys is a perfect option for your cravings. Yelp 3 ½ stars

Wendy’s menu consists of hamburgers, chicken wraps, freshly made salads, fries and other sides beverages, frostys (milkshake), cookies, kids meals. Wendy’s was first opened on November 15th, 1969, in Ohio. They have a mix and match value meal for just $4, bacon and cheese fries, and their famous Wendy’s Float, any soda combined with a frosty. Don’t forget Wendy’s Double Bacon Cheeseburger, a customer favorite. Yelp 2½




Out of 58 students interview of they like the most here ARE THE RESULTS


In-N- Out:46



Five Guy’s:8


Ryan Collins an 8th Grade burger-lover says his favorite fast food place to go is In-N-Out. His favorite item on the menu is animal fries because of the flavor of the sauce. He goes once a month with his family, but he always tries to convince his parents to stop when they are near one of their locations.


Guy Marmor an 8th grader who is a burger enthusiast, says his favorite fast food place is McDonald’s, and his favorite menu item is the Big Mac. He eats there as often as possible. He loves how reliable their service is, that their burgers are really affordable, and the location is close to him.


Shermaine San Miguel, an 8th Grader with an appetite, prefers Shake Shack, but of our choices, she prefers In-n-Out. Her favorite item on the menu is the Double Double Combo, taking down this burger, every two weeks, or so. Her favorite part of this establishment is their quality of food and great the service.


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Best Fast Food, Burger Joints