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Super Bowl LII

Matthew Rich, Author

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This year, the Super Bowl was on February 4 at 3:30pm PST. Two teams were fighting for the title of ‘Super Bowl Champions’. As any football fanatic knows, the backbone of a football team is always their quarterback. Sports Illustrated predicts the Patriots and Vikings will be the teams to fight for the ring. However, the teams in the Super Bowl are the Patriots and the Eagles.

Super Bowl

As many people have heard, the Eagles have upset the Patriots, beating them 41-33 and claiming the title of Super Bowl Champions for the first time in their franchise history. The Patriots were heavily favored to win the game, but were only ahead once 33-32. Our poll received 13 votes for the Patriots and only 5 for the Eagles, but the underdogs ended up winning, even with the odds against them. This final game was full of amazing plays: long passes, interceptions, and trick plays. This game was a nail biter for both team’s fans,  scoring touchdown after touchdown. Many NFL records were broken during this battle, including most passing yards in a game, with a combined total of 1,151 yards. Also, Tom Brady tied and surpassed many of his personal records, such as most passing yards in one game at 505. A game highlight was a trick play during which the ball was snapped past QB Nick Foles, who then went out for a pass with no one covering him, resulting in an Eagles touchdown. This game is truly one to remember.

Conference Championships

Over the weekend of January 19, the Jaguars and Vikings were eliminated, meaning the Patriots and Eagles will battle for the title.

The Patriots were expected to beat the Jaguars, but at halftime were losing 14-10. In the second half, QB Tom Brady and WR Danny Amendola connected, and helped with the Pats 24-20 win, sending them to yet another Super Bowl. The Patriots made a great comeback at the end, but Pats fans were filled with anxiety until the final minutes.

The Eagles pulled an upset against the Vikings, expected to lose but instead winning 38-7! One of the memorable play was CB Patrick Robinson’s pick-six (when a player gets an interception and runs to score a touchdown). Many Vikings fans were hopeful after the first quarter tie at 7, but the hope ran out after the third quarter.

Divisional Rounds

Over the weekend of January 13, four teams were eliminated, the Saints, the Steelers, the Titans, and the Falcons. These four games were filled with amazing plays, and surely made fans of all teams nervous.

At halftime, the Jaguars were beating the Steelers 28-14, but Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger lead the Jaguars to gaining a total of 28 points in the second half. Eventually, the Jaguars finished off, winning by a field goal, 45-42.

The Patriots, as expected, pummeled the Titans, winning 35-14, even without star wide receiver Julian Edelman. RB Dion Lewis had 15 carries for a total of 62 yards, and definitely compensated for missing an amazing player.

The Falcons and Eagles had a low scoring brawl, only 25 points scored in total. By the first half, the Falcons were leading 10-9, but the Eagles sealed the games with 2 field goals in the second half, and had their amazing defense shut out the Falcons QB, Matt Ryan.

Finally, the game everyone is talking about is the Vikings playing the Saints. The Vikings were destroying the Saints at the half, 17-0. However, veteran Drew Brees came back in the second half, gaining the lead of 24-23. With 10 seconds left, the Vikings Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs connected for a 61-yard touchdown to win the game.

Team Descriptions

While is takes the dynamics of the whole team to have a winning season, there are always a few players who rise above and beyond and are seen as the reason their team has gotten as far as they have.

QB Tom Brady and WR Julian Edelman are seen as two of the best players on the Patriots. Tom Brady, known as the GOAT, was the MVP of the 2015 Super Bowl, and Julian Edelman currently has 4,540 passing yards in just nine seasons. Along with these legendary players, the patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, also deserves credit for the Patriots many successful seasons, being head coach for 17 seasons.

The Eagles, making an amazing comeback from a 7-9 season last year, have two offensive stars, QB Carson Wentz and TE Zach Ertz. Wentz and Ertz are a perfect duo, as Ertz leads the NFL in touchdowns, total yards gained, and receptions.

Xavier Rhodes is considered as one of the best players on the Vikings. At age 29, Case Keenum is taking over for injured Teddy Bridgewater in his first NFL Playoffs debut. Even though he is a backup QB, he is still one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. Defensively, Rhodes is a shutdown cornerback that can easily take out the game-breaking receiver.


LB Ryan Shazier and WR Antonio Brown are the ones ruling the Steelers, offense and defense. While for most teams the quarterback is the most important, the Steelers are best known for Antonio Brown. He leads the league in catches and yards, and the majority of his receptions result in a first down. On the other side, Shazier is by far the best defensive player on the Steelers. He leads the team with tackles, a total of 57, and is credited with 5.5 quarterback pressures this season.




  • QB – Quarterback
  • WR – Wide Receiver
  • TE – Tight End
  • LB – Linebacker
  • MVP – Most Valuable Player
  • GOAT – Greatest of all Time


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