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Dance moves have continued to evolve over the past few decades, from ‘The YMCA’ to ‘The Robot’, ‘The Lift’,  ‘The Macarena’, and the ‘The Cha Cha Slide.’ There are many new dance moves from 2013 to the present that have gone viral and have provided this generation dance crazes that will not easily be forgotten.

Gangnam Style became popular in 2013, was made popular by an Asian pop star, PSY, and has over 2 billion views on Youtube. How to do this move: cross your wrists and shake them while jumping as if you are a cowboy and spin in circle.

Harlem Shake was popular in 2014 and was used in the song, “Harlem Shake.” How to do this move: face the sky and wiggle your body

The Whip was popularized in 2015, for it was the dance move used in the song, “Watch Me.” It was highly overused, resulting in a short-lived fad. How to do this move: pretend to drive with one hand and include a leg kick.

The Nae Nae was the 2nd dance move used in the song, “Watch Me.” It was a dance move that was connected with the Whip. How to do the move: hand up and wave while walking backwards.

Hit the Quan was a semi popular dance move which was used in the 2015 song, “Hit The Quan.” This move has not lost popularity and is still frequently used. How to do this move: Get low and swing your arms low in a circular motion.

The Drop is mentioned and used to dance in many songs and videos in 2015.  How to do this move: flick wrist, pointing to the ground with both index fingers, with your arms positioned as if you were a T-Rex.

Running Man is a dance move in which you run in place and was popularized in the song, “Running Man,” which took the world by storm in 2016, with many athletes and celebrities completing the challenge. How to do this dance: Pretend to run in place.  

The Dab is one of the most recent dance moves, becoming popular in 2016. The Dab was made popular by Panthers QB Cam Newton, using the moves to celebrate his big plays. How to do this move: Pretend to sneeze into your inner elbow.

Hit Dem Folks appeared in “Juju On That Beat,” even though it was used much before 2016. However, it was not as popular. How to do this move: cross hands twice, then raise hands outward making a “Y,” then bring them back center in a quick motion.

Hotline Bling was popularized by Drake, in his song, “Hotline Bling,” in which he displayed his newest dance moves of 2016. How to do this move: make phone sign with your hand and shimmy.

Juju on that Beat is the most popular dance move of 2016 until it was eventually toppled by the Milly Rock. It was used in the song, “Juju On That Beat.” How to do this move: Shake shoulders while moving your upper body up and down.

Backpack Kid/Flossing became popular when Russell Horning, or “Backpack Kid,” started doing the move and impressed celebrities and popular social media sites, who reposted his videos. How to do this move: crossing your arms behind your back left to right.

The Shoop is a little-known dance move but became popular after a college football team won, as the underdogs during their season. How to do this move: Jump on one leg while moving your other knee and arm back and forth.

Milly Rock became popular after the song, “Magnolia,” was released. It became even more popular after Roy Purdy released his video, in Fall of 2017, dancing around Times Square to Magnolia. This video now has over one million views. How to do this move: turn wrist in circle then move to other wrist. 

The Billy Bounce dance move originated from the duo, Danrue and Nick Patti. Danrue danced this move in famous peoples homes and other facilities, while Nick added funny narration to his moves. These skits made the move popular. How to do this move: Jump with straight arms, like you are on a hippity hop.


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