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People have traveled around the world for centuries, on foot to present day airplanes. It has been said that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Millions of people from all over like to travel to different places around the world. People love to visit different city’s iconic attractions to relax or learn more about the city’s culture. Rome, Sydney, London, Paris, and New York City are the most popular cities people have traveled to.

Rome, Italy is the most popular destination to travel because of the Roman Colosseum and the Pantheon, two of the most popular tourists attractions and famous pieces of historical architecture. The Colosseum can hold over 50,000 people and was the largest amphitheatre the in Roman world. It was originally an arena for animal and gladiator fights and other forms of entertainment. The Pantheon was a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of Rome. It was originally built in 25-27 BC . The current Pantheon is the third version, since the first two were burned down.

The second most popular place to travel to Sydney, Australia, known for the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Opera House is a multipurpose performing arts facility that houses three theaters of different sizes, for stage plays, film screenings, and small musical performances. It also has a Concert Hall that seats 2,679, which hosts symphony concerts, choir performances, and popular music shows. The Opera Theater contains a little over 1,500 seats, and is used for opera and dance performances. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge standing 134 meters above the harbor. Tourists are encouraged to climb (walk across) the Bridge as well. They could walk across the flat surface of the bridge or the arch.

London, England is the next popular travel destination because of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London-The Making of Harry Potter and the Buckingham Palace. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London-The Making of Harry Potter has kept props, the sets, and some costumes from when the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Some of sets available to see on the tour are Platform 9 ¾, Diagon Alley, and the Great Hall. There are also many props and costumes from the hit movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The Buckingham Palace has been a home to many of the British monarchs since 1837. It has over 775 rooms, including 19 state rooms, 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms. As well as looking at it from the outside, tourists could go inside and take a tour of the Buckingham Palace to see paintings and sculptures from many famous artists and whatever they find fascinating.

Paris, France is the fourth most popular city to travel to, since it is home to the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. When the Eiffel Tower was introduced to the world, it stood almost 1,000 feet high. The Eiffel Tower has 108 stories, with 1,710 steps and contains a laboratory at the top of the tower. The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the largest religious buildings in the world, and still functions as a Catholic church as well as a famous attraction. Notre Dame Cathedral is also called Notre-Dame de Paris, which means “Our Lady of Paris.”

The last most popular traveled city is New York City, New York, known for the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. The Statue of Liberty was a copper statue peace offering from France to the United States that symbolizes freedom and a friendship between the different countries. Over time weather caused the statue to turn from a shiny copper to the light green that it is now. The Empire State Building was once the tallest building in New York City at 1,250 feet to the top 102 stories, and to the tip top at 1,454 feet. Many of the upper floors have observation decks, so tourists could see the view of New York and beyond.

Roman Colosseum

Sydney Opera House

Buckingham Palace

Eiffel Tower

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