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The Climate Crises

Aditya Kishore, Taylor Bell, Ryan Fernandez, and Anton Clark

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In the past few years, our planet has experienced a slow increase in the number of tropical storms and hurricanes. This increase has been well monitored and studied, but cannot fully be explained. Could this mean the end of the world? Some might consider it The Apocalypse, but some believe it to be a natural increase in storms. Some would call it Global Warming. Some deny Climate Change, all together. Any way you  look at it, there seems to be a Climate Crisis. Flash back to the 1990’s. The 90’s were hurricane ridden. In fact, 1993 experienced 19 hurricanes, alone. This may seem like a lot, but fast forward to the 21st century, and there is a clearly a major increase in the number of hurricanes. 2012 witnessed 31 hurricanes, 2015 experienced 17, and 2016 sustained 26 hurricanes. Is this increase just coincidence? Or is it something more? We’ll take a look at the 3 biggest hurricanes of the year in North America, all of which happened within a few weeks of each other.


Hurricane Harvey

By: Ryan Fernandez

Houston Texas, the fourth largest city in the US, was hit by Hurricane Harvey on August 25th. Houston was left under water, with 24 inches of rain in the first 2 days of the storm, which continued to flood the city. This historic flooding engulfed hundreds, probably thousands, of houses, cars and highways and had reached over 60 inches with an estimated 9 trillion gallons of water by the time the hurricane ended.

While residents of Houston worked to get to higher ground, coast guards continued to look for people in distress. There were over 3,000 rescues, with 30,000 people forced from their homes to find shelter elsewhere. Close to 300,000 power outages and 20 deaths have been recorded. Texans and other residents with boats helped neighbors and anyone who needed help getting to a higher ground. The Hurricane concluded on September 2nd, the day President Trump visited Houston to view the damage.

Many superstars such as Drake, The Rock, Kevin Hart, James Harden, and J.J Watt have donated money to help rebuild Houston. The professional football teams Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans chipped in, each donating an astounding $1 million to the J.J. Watts’ fundraiser, in which he was able to raise $37 million, with over 200,00 people donating. The total rebuild of Houston is expected to be $35 billion dollars in flood damages and the total amount of donations is over $100 million dollars so far.

Downtown Houston Before & After

Hurricane Irma

By: Aditya Kishore

Hurricane Irma is one of the 4 major hurricanes in the past month. It was originally a Category 5 and wreaked havoc on the Caribbean and Florida. It caused about $150 billion in damages and had a max wind speed of over 250 mph. Almost all of the Caribbean has suffered blackouts, and more or less all of Southern Florida had to be displaced from their homes. Thankfully, great preventive measures helped keep mortalities down to under 30, when it had the potential to kill many more. Irma caused widespread devastation, but the amount of resources poured in from across the country has started to make a significant dent in the money needed to help Florida and the Caribbean islands. Even so, money, first-aid, etc. is still needed by the victims of the natural disaster. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can donate by using the link at the end of the Hurricane Maria article.

Florida’s Palms going down

Hurricane Maria

By: Taylor Bell

Hurricane Maria is one of four major hurricanes to hit land this month. As a Category 5, it ripped through the Caribbean hitting many islands, including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, which had already been flattened by Irma and Jose. Maria moved West, but winds moving to the North blew Maria clear of Florida, making its way up the east coast, narrowly missing land, but moving north, and eventually dying off before hitting Nova Scotia. The damage incurred by hurricane Maria is immense. After Irma and Jose had already rid the caribbean islands of everything, the residents had no cover from the massive storm and many died. It is being called complete destruction.You can help the recovery efforts by donating to American Red Cross.


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The Climate Crises