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Restaurant Review – MOD Pizza

Cameron Zaller, Journalist

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Custom pizza is on the rise! Rise, get it, piz- oh never mind! Pieology was previously the only custom pizza place in Foster City, but MOD Pizza has come to town. This review will give you a “flavor” of this new pizzeria option. It seems to me, MOD Pizza might give Pieology a run for their money.

        MOD Pizza is in a newly constructed strip mall on the north side of Highway 92 at 1297 Chess Drive in Foster City. My first impression was that it was welcoming and clean. One wall was covered with a large collage of pictures of employees and people enjoying pizza. One interesting thing I noticed was that some employees in the pictures were wearing shirts saying “Keep MOD weird.” It seems like I’m in the right place. There was only one problem, the people I wanted to interview weren’t there! The employees seemed happy, and as you might expect in a small town, with a new pizzeria, and luckily a friend of mine was there with another group. It’s nice to see people you know, enjoying food together. It also seemed luck was on my side – I now had a group of  people to interview about their experience at MOD Pizza.

My mom and I waited in a short line to order. She ordered a salad and I ordered a custom medium 11’ bacon and pepperoni pizza. The pizza was done just like they say, “Superfast.” My mom and I found a table by the wall with the collage of pictures, and I started to eat my pizza. It was excellent! Sadly, all of the cheese came off in one bite. Even so, the slice was still good. Their crust is thin, which probably helps in making the pizza so fast. Some of the crust on some slices were soggy, while others were crispy. I wondered about the “No Name Cakes” for sale stacked by the cash register. They were wrapped in tinfoil, which felt homemade and casual.


         I finished my pizza and was anxious to try this very interesting No Name Cake. My mom gave me money to get a No Name Cake. One of the employees who was restocking the drinks, told me to just “Take one!” I was a little confused, so I left the money on the counter and got one. I was going to start eating, when, much to my surprise, the employee gave me back the money! I opened the No Name Cake with great anticipation. It looked delicious right from the start. I took a bite,t was so delicious! My friend’s mom said it looked (and later she said it also smelled) like a “Ding-Dong,” a snack cake common when my parents were young. The outer chocolate was a little bit harder than the inner chocolate, which was soft and very moist. I was surprised at how the vanilla buttercream middle went so well with the chocolate outside. It was sweet, but not too sweet. Overall, the pizza and the No Name Cake are really delicious! Now it’s time to see what other people think…

The first person I interviewed was my friend, Taj Sandredto. 


Me: ”What did you have?”

Taj: “I had a build your own pizza

Me: “What did you have on it?”

Taj: “Red tomato sauce with spinach, bacon, canadian bacon, and of course, the pepperoni.”

Me: “What did you think about the pizza before and after you had it?”

Taj: “What I thought before was that it was going to be very crispy and bacony.”

Me: “And after you ate it?”

Taj: “I felt very satisfied and I thought I was going to throw up because I ate so much.”

Me: “And the very little amount of No Name Cake you had, what did you think about it?”

Taj: “I thought it was creamy and the inside was very moist.”

Me: “Out of five stars, what would you rate this place?”

Taj: “Five stars.”


The next interview was with Rohan Zack. This person and the next person don’t go to school here, so don’t try to look for them.


Me: “What did you get?”

Rohan: “A pizza with barbecue sauce, cheese, pepperoni, bacon, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and that’s it.”

Me: “What did you think about the pizza?”

Rohan: “Crispy.”

Me: “Is that good?”

Rohan: “Yeah.”

Me: “What did you think about the No Name Cake?”

Rohan: “Awesome.”

Me: “Out of five stars, what would you rate this place?”

Rohan: “Five stars.”


Shahvir Z gave the following responses…


Me: “What did you get?”

Shahvir: “Barbecue sauce, cilantro, grilled chicken, bacon, and black olives.”

Me: “What did you think about it?”

Shahvir: “If you have a small appetite, don’t get the regular size.”

Me: “What did you think about the No Name Cake?”

Shahvir: “I thought it was good because it was moist inside and also because all of the flavor didn’t come at you at once, so it’s not too sweet, but still a good amount of sweetness.”

Me: “Out of five stars, what would rate this place?”

Shahvir: “Four and a half.”


Taj Sandreto’s mom, Nita said…


Me: “What did you get?“

Nita: “A fresh lemonade.“

Me: “What did you think about it?“

Nita: “It was absolutely delicious.“

Me: “Did you have a No Name Cake?“

Nita: “No, but it looked and smelled good. Like a Ding-Dong.“

Me: “Out of five stars, what would you rate this place?“

Nita: “Five stars.“


The final person I’m interviewing is my mom, Barbara Zaller.


Me: “What did you get?“

Barbara: “A salad.“

Me: “What did you think about it?“

Barbara: “I thought it was delicious.“

Me: “Did you have a No Name Cake?“

Barbara: “Just a bite.“

Me: “What did you think about it?“

Barbara: “It was delicious. It tasted like a Ding-Dong.“

Me: “Out of five stars, what would you rate this place?“

Barbara: “Five stars.“


The feedback from those interviewed is consistent – MOD is a great place to eat! It’s a brand new, clean restaurant where everybody’s happy and they serve good food. I hope to see you there! Pieology better watch out, MOD Pizza might soon surpass them!


Well, that’s all for this article. Cameron awaaaaaaaayy!!

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Restaurant Review – MOD Pizza